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Thursday, July 26

Tamil Nadu shuts down tourist facilities in tiger reserves in the state

Following the Supreme Court order to ban tourist activitiesin the core zone of the Tiger Reserves in the country, government of Tamil Nadu has directed the officials to close down tourists activities in three of the tiger reserves in the state until further order from the Supreme Court.

Pilgrim camps made inside KMTR during pilgrim season
The government authorities has informed that three tiger reserves – Mudumalai in Udagamandalam, Kalakkadu-Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve inTirunelveli and Anamali near Pollachi should not allow tourist activities in their core zones.

Following the order, the tourists facilities in these tiger reserves are now are closed.

The tourist activities as well as pilgrim activities in the corearea of these reserves have made huge amount of human intervention in the area which has disturbed these forests which are the last resorts of the vanishing Tiger species.

However it is not yet clear if the order actually apples to the seasonal pilgrim activities happening in the tiger reserves like Mundanthurai which is part of Kalakkad Mundanthurai in Tamil Nadu and Sabarimala in Periyar Tiger Reserve in Kerala. Central government has formulated a set of guidelines to control pilgriminflux into forest areas, but it is yet to be practiced by the states.

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