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Sunday, August 5

Major tiger Poacher nabbed from Haryana

As part of the continuing crackdown on the illegal tiger poaching rackets in the country, one of the king pins in a major tiger poaching network was arrested on the other day from Haryana. The suspected notorious illegal tiger poacher Bheema Bawaria had tiger skin in his possession along with tiger skeletons at the time of arrest, said the officials who made the arrest.

Indicating that his smuggling interests are not just limited to striped big cats but also to other favorites of illegal international rackets, he had two live turtles with him at the time of the arrest, according to police authorities.

Sleuths of Central Bureau of Investigation in collaboration with Wildlife SOS, Haryana Forest Department, NTCA (National Tiger Conservation Authority), WCCB (Wildlife Crime Control Bureau) and Haryana Police have nabbed the culprit from Gurgaon in Haryana.

The smuggler was earlier booked in 2009 for the same crime, but was absconding after securing bail from the court.

The issue has also brought to the light that Haryana is a major centre for tiger poaching rackets in the country. Approximately two months before a group of six men hailing from Haryana was arrested from BRT tiger Reserve in the state of Karnataka along with snares and traps. It was later understood that they had a very strategic way of by-passing the routine patrolling in the tiger reserves.

However, the new arrest will be a severe blow to the illegal traffic that is again shrinking the existing striped cats in the country. Many tiger reserves are still have much vulnerability in security measures, which helps these rackets thrive in the country. 

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