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Friday, December 7

How much do you know about India’s national biodiversity Icons?

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Once you finish your answers, submit the form and find the answers here. You shall also get a look on how others performed. 

Venkataraman, K., Chattopadhyay, A. and De, J. K. 2012. National and State Animals of India: 1-173.( Published by the Director, Zool. Surv. India, Kolkata)

Download a free book on National and State Animals of India


  1. wow, didn't know most of the answers so instead of trying i straight went to the answer page. thank you so much for sharing the info!!

    1. Debajyoti,
      Thanks for the visit and comment. In fact i was also not aware about many of them, except that of my state, until i did my research for the post.


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