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Tuesday, January 13

Birds of India- Red Billed Chough

One among the only two species belonging to the Pyrrhocorax genus, Red-billed Chough (Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax) will redraw the popular Indian idea of black crow. Though a member of the crow family, unlike the Indian Jungle Crow or House Crow, the Red Billed Chough has red beaks, and legs and a very different call (Watch the video, if you have never heard the call of Red Billed Chough !)

You can find Red - billed Choughs in the Himalayas. In Himachal Pradesh, if you are lucky, you may find them in Manali and Great Himalayan National Park. But when ever you go to more heights, you have more chances of spotting this bird. This video was shot from Komic Village in Kaza, Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh in India. We were lucky to find its close relative – Alpine Chough or Yellow Billed Chough also from the same village.

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  1. Did a Nine day trip of Kinnaur and Spiti from 17.09.15 to 25.09.15. Saw Red Billed Choughs in Chitkul village on 20.09.15 (3 on a house roof) and in Langza near the statue of the meditating Buddha on 23.09.15. Then at Batal on the way from Kaza to Manali saw a couple of Yellow Billed Choughs feeding on rice left outside the Chacha-Chachi Dhaba on 24.09.15.

  2. Did a 9 day Kinnaur/Spiti Trip from 17.09.15 to 225.09.15. Saw 3 Red Billed Choughs at Chitkul Village (on a village rooftop) on 20.09.15 and a few flying near the statue of the meditating Buddha at Langza on 23.09.15. Then saw a couple of Yellow Billed Choughs at Batal near the Chacha-Chachi Dhaba feeding on left over rice on 24.09.15.

  3. We found number of red billed and yellow billed chough at Tabo (Spiti valley) behind Tabo monastery during our visit in June 2017.


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