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Sunday, June 28

Poaching major reason for elephant deaths in the Nilgiris in the last three decades: New Study

Asian Elephant, wild elephant, Nilgiris, elephant poaching, elephant mortality
A wild Asian Elephant in Western Ghats, South India

Veerappan may be long gone, but poaching still tops the list as the major reason for elephant mortality during the last three decades in the Nilgiris. Trying to untangle the hidden patterns of elephant mortality in the Nilgiris reported during the 33 year period between 1979 to 2011, a new study reveals that 40 percent of the total elephant deaths from the region during the period were due to poaching. 

Wednesday, June 10

Butterflies of India - Himalayan Red Admiral

Himalayan Red Admiral (Vanessa indica indica) is a sub species of the Indian Red Admiral butterfly found mainly in the Himalayan region of India. In southern parts of India,  its close cousin Sahyadri Red Admiral (Vanessa indica pholoe) reigns the peaks of Western Ghats.

Friday, June 5

Happy Environment Day 2015 !

We would like to share a hope with our readers on this Environment Day,
that this mystic tree of life - our planet - sustain for long.

Lets pray that humans may someday turn more sensible about the ways they kill this tree of life, if not, let them perish, before they wipe out the last throbs of life on our mother earth.

May this mystic tree of life sustain long. . .

Happy Environment Day 2015 !

(Image: A moss covered tree from the shola forests of Southern Western Ghats of Kerala in India.)